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Recent news stories featuing the Coalition and our issues:

Hundreds of North Carolinians come to Raleigh for Citizens Lobby Day to End Gerrymandering

The citizens lobby day came just a day after a bipartisan group of state lawmakers unveiled House Bill 200, which would take the power of redistricting out of the hands of partisan lawmakers and give it to nonpartisan legislative staff. READ

Lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill to end gerrymandering in NC

House Bill 200 would take politics out of the redistricting process. Instead of lawmakers drawing their own districts for partisan advantage, a nonpartisan legislative staff would create congressional and legislative maps completely blind of any political consideration. READ

Coalition calls on NC legislature to enact independent redistricting

A coalition of conservative and progressive organizations met at the state legislature on the opening day of the new legislative session to call on lawmakers to adopt a plan that would take partisan politics out of the way voting maps are drawn in North Carolina. READ

Coalition responds to US Supreme Court's denial of stay in NC congressional redistricting case

The US Supreme Court on Friday refused to issue a stay in a lower court ruling that directed North Carolina lawmakers to redraw the state's congressional districts due to racial gerrymandering. READ

WFAE: Contrary To Party Doctrine, State Republicans Fiddle With Local Control

The latest move by the Republican-controlled General Assembly seems to contradict a core belief of their party: local control is best. READ

Citizen-Times: Redrawn political lines create sparse choice for voters

Critics attribute the sparse number of choices for voters to the fact that districts were drawn to so heavily favor one party or another that other candidates don't bother to run. READ

John Hood: Legends of the fall

John Hood, Chairman of the conservative think tank, The John Locke Foundation, believes that we need an impartial, fair and nonpartisan process for redistricting in North Carolina. READ

WBTV: A Plan To Stop Gerrymandering

Learn how ending gerrymandering can make government more responsive. WATCH

McCrory: Gerrymandered legislative districts make my job tougher

“I think the gerrymandered districts where we have no competition in the general election makes all of our jobs difficult, especially the executive branch,” McCrory told WFAE. READ