Lobbying & Ethics

Since early 2005, the NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform has been working to toughen North Carolina’s lobbying and ethics laws.

In its first year, the Coalition successfully pushed for North Carolina's first lobbyist disclosure law (SB 612).

In 2006, amidst scandals that challenged the public’s confidence, the Coalition pushed through a more comprehensive set of lobbying & ethics reforms (HB 1843) that were overwhelmingly approved by lawmakers on July 27, 2006 and overturned the previously passed lobbying law, SB 612.

The tougher standards require all spending by lobbyists on lawmakers and top government officials to be fully and frequently reported, effectively closing the “goodwill lobbying” loophole. The law also imposes:

• A cooling-off period before legislators and top government officials can become lobbyists.

• Regulation of executive-branch lobbying.

• Gift restrictions for what lawmakers and top government officials may receive from lobbyist.

• Tougher ethical standards that will be regulated by a newly created Independent Ethics Commission.

• A ban on campaign contributions from lobbyists to lawmakers.