Our mission

The NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting good-government policies that level the playing field for the citizens of North Carolina.

Formed in early 2005, the ground-breaking, broad coalition made up of more than 50 nonprofit organizations and individuals has successfully pushed for tougher lobbying and ethics laws, raised public awareness about the legislative process and its flaws, and is a leader on establishing an independent redistricting process for North Carolina.

The Coalition actively pursues its good-government agenda by:

• Networking with and building upon the strength of its many Coalition members

• Working with bipartisan lawmakers and elected officials to advocate for strong reforms

• Educating the media across the state through editorial board tours, press conferences, research reports, and interviews

• Mobilizing North Carolinians across the state and across party lines to become actively engaged in government reform.

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